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Mango is a very sensitive fruit and the top mango varieties that we handle are some of the most complex flavors that exist. Each shipment of mangoes has its own life and personality. This is also a product of nature and it needs to mature properly for it to reach its prime taste, flavor, color and aroma. Your feedback is a very important link in the supply chain.

We get constructive feedback which helps us serve you better. Due to various motivations, we receive not-so-constructive feedback as well via email and via customer reviews on public sites (some of which solicit funds from us to respond to reviews). Whether by design or by intent, most of the issues mentioned in the reviews although fully resolved have not been updated on the original review sites. Please note the following:

  • Any claim of not receiving genuine fruit is malicious and fraudulent. 
  • Any commentary about our website being fake or the products not being in conformance with USDA standards is a mischaracterization and is liable to litigation.
  • Most of the issues mentioned in reviews and related to spoilt fruit have been resolved over and above our Terms of Service. Reviewers have not bothered to update this minor detail in a majority of the cases. We might respond to some of such reviews on our website as many of our customers and patrons urge us to. 
  • We are implementing product reviews on our website for each product, in order to capture genuine customer preferences.
  • In a very few cases, our response has not been in line with the expected response. We can understand the disappointment, but we have to make our best judgment and stand by it in order to maintain our sanity. We do understand that mango in particular is a fruit that is personal and evokes extreme emotions – as much in us as in you.
  • It is in nobody’s interest that fruit should spoil, but sometimes it does. We do not guarantee that fruit will not spoil- not because we would not like to, but because we cannot. We ship every shipment only when we feel it will hold- if it still spoils, it is so inspite of all our efforts.